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In order to achieve sustainable personal growth, the following domains are incorporated within client goals in conjunction with counselling

RELATIONSHIP. The primary indicator of successful therapeutic outcomes is the relationship between the client and the therapist. Therefore, the genuine "fit" is the foundation and priority of our work together. 


CONNECTION & COMMUNITY. As humans, social connection is a protective factor to help increase our wellbeing. Understanding barriers in connecting, prioritizing the importance, and assessing gaps will be integrated within the counselling space.

MOVEMENT. Movement, nutrition, and sleep are primary basic needs and integral to wellness.  An encouragement to engage in activities that support movement, mindful nutrition, and rest will be integrated into most clients wellness check ins. 

BALANCE. We've heard it before- everything in moderation. An overindulgence or absence in any one aspect of life creates an imbalance. A emphasis on balance both inside and outside of the counselling space will be brought into awareness and encouraged. 

ACCEPTANCE. Accepting our humanness and understanding that our output (thoughts, feelings, and behaviours) is a byproduct of our environment and experiences is essential to our work. Unconditional acceptance without judgement of avoidance for aspects outside of our control is just as impactful as motivation for change.


speakeasy clinic works with partners to provide clients with opportunities for movement and community. 

Holism ("holistic approach"): the treating of the whole person.

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