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THE CONSULTATION. The initial consultation is required for all new clients. During our consultation we will have the opportunity to meet to determine "the fit". You will be able share your goals/intentions of counselling and ask myself any questions you may have. I will share my counselling style, training, and what to expect from our relationship/counselling. 

Duration: 15-Minutes

THE FIRST SESSION. The first session is considered your "intake" session, which includes a thorough discussion about informed consent, confidentiality, and what to expect from the therapeutic process and relationship. The first session is where you dive into what you have been experiencing ("what brings you in to see a therapist?") and how it has been impacting you. We will discuss your current landscape (ex., social support, routines, sleep/movement/nutrition, coping strategies). By the end of the first session (and ideally every session), you should feel like you have something to take away from our time. I will be able to determine if weekly or biweekly sessions are recommended, as well as potential book/podcast recommendations/journalling exercises. Homework at the end of our first session is to determine goals for therapy which will be discussed in session two. 

Duration: 50-Minutes or 75-Minutes.

THE SECOND SESSION. Once the getting to know each other is out of the way in session one, the work can begin in session two. Every session will begin with a debrief of the challenges, reflections, successes since the last time we talked, as well as your intention/goal for our time together. The bulk of session two will focus on "the past", where we will explore your past experiences, relationships (family, partners, and friendships), as well as any additional factors that contribute to understanding your current triggers and challanges.

Duration: 50-Minutes or 75-Minutes.

THE WORK. After the first and second sessions are complete, that is when "the work" begins. The number of sessions for this part of the process is different for every client. The work is a flow between attending to the "here and now", as well as uncovering the past, and striving towards the desired future. The work includes gaining tools, exploring concern areas, and deepening self awareness. 

Duration: 50-Minutes or 75-Minutes.


The number of sessions needed varies depending on individual needs and the nature of the client's goals. Some individuals may wish to explore counselling for short term support, psycho-education, and tools. Others are seeking counselling as a routine space as one of their wellness tools. 

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